I’m looking at John Jeavons’ GROW BIOINTENSIVE methods as a way to enable us to grow enough food in an urban garden. I’ll be writing more about this soon, but here is a good basic video introduction:

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  1. Biointensive methods are a great way to maximize your food production. We started a micro-farm & CSA this year and got around 4000 lbs of food off of around 3600 s.f. of cultivated land. That fed 25 CSA members, and we sold additional food at our farmstand, a food co-op, and two restaurants. Since we started off just as gardeners, it was hard to figure out how to plan the micro-farm and determine how many people we could feed. My partner ended up creating an elaborate spreadsheet/calculator to help us plan the farm. We ended up turning it into a web-based program so others could benefit from it. As we recapped the growing season, our harvest totals were very accurate overall as compared to what the Fantastic Farm and Garden Calculator estimated we could grow! If you are interested, you can check it out here: Cheers, Jim


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