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Growing our own strawberries

Our strawberries today

Our strawberries today

Now we’ve decided to get our hands dirty – even without a garden – there’s no stopping us 🙂 When we got our Potato Kit we also grabbed some herbs and strawberries. They’re a token effort, but are keeping our spirits up while we try to get a garden of our own. This evening I got back in from work to find my wife and daughter adding gravel to the pot to keep the strawberries off the soil – seems like this is becoming a family hobby – fantastic.

Now we just have to keep them alive until we get some berries!

Just after planting, two weeks ago

Just after planting, two weeks ago

Protecting your Carrots from Carrot Fly

Carrot Fly is apparently a major source of grief for British carrot growers. I don’t fancy losing my hard-won crop to the little flying pests so I was happy to hear that there is a fool-proof way to avoid them. Set aside plans to wrap them my carrots in fleece or surround them in polythene:  

Carrot Root Fly has a limited altitude – it can’t fly higher than 18-24 inches (depending on which site you believe).

So if you grow your carrots in tubs at least 30in high you will have no problems with Carrot Root Fly. I just saw it on UKTV Gardens so it must be true Very Happy

Containers for Storing Food

foodstorageI’ve just written a short post with some good links in it on my Gentle Descent blog, on Containers for Storing Food – well worth a look.