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As we get closer to the D-Day of actually having a garden to work on it’s time to start setting some priorities. My current thoughts are that I want to spend the first year getting the gross, permanent structure of the garden in place: the fruit and nut trees, asparagus, fruit canes (raspberry, blackberry etc), edible hedges, and to get our Aquaponics setup started.

In the second year I want to get our core vegetables going and then start to dally with some of the more esoteric options: mushrooms, peanuts etc. But lets just get through the first year first!

Growing Peanuts

I had thought that growing peanuts wasn’t possible in the U.K., but apparently, in a greenhouse, you can get them to grow and fruit. They can be tricky though – so maybe a second- or third-year project. I do love my peanut butter though – it’s not something I want to have to do without in a Post-Peak-Oil future!

Here are a couple of good links to give the most basic introduction to growing peanuts: